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Dedicated FTB Monster Server Now Open !!

Welcome in and enjoy the minecraft fun on Luxcraft !!

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Luxcraft was built as many other servers with the intention of letting a few good friends play minecraft together, but quickly turned out to be more than that.

Bringing skills and abilities, economy, games and much more in to minecraft ensures that everyone can do what they feel like at the moment while sharing it with friends on the server.

Come onboard and enjoy some excellent minecrafting fun !!

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keep it alive

hi all. Luxcraft never came back and most left the server.. but a few brave souls are still visiting. Luxcraft have returned to be a single server setup again, the SMP server will be kept alive as long as possible .. the rent is a pain to pay but i dont expect anyone to donate […]

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Factions in – Towny out

Hi all.   At first we thought we would do a poll to find out how you felt about removing Towny and replace with Factions on our PvP server.. the poll went 6-0 in a few hours in favour for Factions. In addition, the pm’s have flooded with Yes, get factions plz   Its therefore […]


Pets available

Hi all. Today we added pets to the SMP and PvP servers. Dont forget to give us feedback Quite a few pets are availabe for most players, but this is partially focused to all the Veterans/Champions on Luxcraft. You get a bit more mobs that you can make your own pet. You can find Pets […]


FTB Server done

Feed The Beast – Minecraft version 1.6.4 – Monster 1.1.1   Luxcraft FTB is back in a totally new setup. This time we are running Monster 1.1.1   Come on over to FTB.LUXCRAFT.SE and join the fun !!

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Towny PvP Open

The Towny PvP is now finally open.   Hi all. Finally, the PvP server opens up. Come on over with /server pvp   Features: Towny Mob bounty Player bounty Shops and more .. Get your Baron or Lord ranks with a 20% coupon code “towny” for all of may.   tip: killing mobs at night […]