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IGN: Myllox
By Myllox » over 2 years ago
The Creative server is finally open in Beta. 

At arrival to the server, use the NPC's to travel to each plot map. 

Themed maps:
  • Bridge Plots - built using a Bridge template plot size around 50x50
  • Nether Plots - Custom and Unique nether theme only on Luxcraft! with a plot size of 60x60
  • Sky Plots - Custom and Unique Sky Island plots with plot size 96x96
  • End Plots - Custom and Unique End theme plots - Currently WIP and size is TBD.
Make sure to use /heads | /mpets | /emote | /furniture list when you build your creations, it will make you creations stand out !!

Credits to LuxuryCoffee for making our custom and unique map designs.

Enjoy & have fun!
//Luxcraft Staff